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Automatic trading from RevolutExpert

Follow experienced traders when investing and multiply your capital. Trade easily and confidently!

How does copy of trades work?

You connect automated trading platforms that help you mirror the trades of selected traders. Good news is that you can choose professionals and follow them. Thus, you can make money on global markets even if you have no trading experience. Also, you do not have to constantly follow all the charts.

Why trade with RevolutExpert?

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Does automatic trading work?

You can't rely on copy of trades on 100%, but it shows far more successful trades than unskilled trading. Most importantly, you need to configure everything correctly. In fact, auto-follow is systematized rules for entering and exiting trades, which allows you not to manually manage everything.

Is automatic trading legal?

It is completely legal on all exchanges: stock, currency, and commodity. Nevertheless, everything further depends on your broker, some companies do not allow their clients to copy of trads. But RevolutExpert provides its users with such an opportunity.

Are automated trades profitable?

В принципе не существует ни одной абсолютно прибыльного способа торговли. Тем не менее aBasically, there is no absolutely profitable way of trading. Nevertheless, automated trading can be beneficial if everything is set up correctly, but the trader still sometimes has to check everything himself. The market is volatile and you should not rely entirely on a particular trading method. автоследование может быть выгодным если все настроено правильно, но трейдеру все равно иногда придется все проверять самостоятельно. Рынок изменчив и не стоит полагаться полностью на любой метод торговли.

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