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How does Forex work?

When trading currency pairs, you profit from the price difference by opening an order to buy or sell a certain currency, depending on how you think the market will go. There are many traders trading on Forex, the value of a currency pair is set as the sum of all the results.

To some extent, speculation in the foreign exchange market resembles a tug-of-war. Some traders sell assets, others buy. Each exchange participant opens a position that suits him/ her and closes the position at the right moment.

Are there risks in Forex trading?
Speculation on stock exchanges is associated with certain risks, since the markets are unstable and need to be constantly monitored. With strong fluctuations in quotes, traders can lose a significant part of their deposit. We strongly recommend you to use protective orders when opening a trade, this will help minimize your losses.
What are the advantages of Forex trading?
Almost all brokers, and RevolutExpert in particular, offer traders to trade using leverage. This allows exchange participants to trade larger positions and play for a fall in value.

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