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Choose from a wide variety of global indices and start paving your own way into the world of trading.

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How to choose between indices?

Indices consist of stocks and bonds, often from the same state or region. Each index is calculated according to the prices of the assets it includes (mainly large companies).


Traders look at the stocks that are included in the index. The higher the price of the companies that are included in it, the more expensive the securities will be and will be able to affect the entire quotation of the index.

How to trade indices?
Register with RevolutExpert, then start trading with the most favorable terms. If you lack experience, knowledge or confidence, then contact our specialists.RevolutExpert helps its clients with training, trading, and selection of an effective strategy. Contact our professional support now and start earning.
What are the benefits of trading indices?
Traders are constantly analyzing markets, industries, and various assets. They also find useful indices, as they can show the general trend on the exchange. And the biggest advantage of indices is that they add variety to your asset portfolio and help hedge against risk.

RevolutExpert is your guide to the world of trading.